Time for a new owners club? by aturi83

Things are getting a little fractious on another 75 site and it got me thinking. Is it time for another owners club, perhaps with a more "democratic" board structure.

We're all in these groups for the cars and for our enjoyment of them.

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lets see 75 Community, 75 Enthusiasts, 75 & ZT owners club, Everything Rover, MG Rover.org plus, Nano website, plus others.

I think less would be ideal, and a 1 stop shop would be the ultimate but club purpose and vision,politics and personalities all come into it so you take your choice which is never a bad thing, but there are good people on all of the sites so how about one that stipulates " only good owners need apply ", we could call it the " All new Rover/MG good owners club "
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Planning is an unnatural process, much better to just get on with things, that way failure comes as a complete surprise instead of being preceeded by a period of worry and doubt

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The trouble is there is a vast majority of ‘good’ members everywhere who get thoroughly fed up with a hard core of moaners exerting malign influence because they can’t get their own way over an unreasonable demand for reform. That’s apart from occasional displays of gross bad manners! That’s why I joined this forum - there appeared to be none of that and so it has proved to be!

Alliances form naturally, but sometimes in their own interest and contrary to the greater benefit. Current unrest elsewhere seems largely to come from failed attempts by a minority of commercial interests to gain exclusivity, aims being commercially based rather than fraternal. Sad to see. Rather than make the most of that which they have in abundance, they go for the nuclear option. Why do these people have such inflated ideas of their own importance? The parable of the hand immersed in a bucket of water comes to mind.

Everything changes, sometimes it is actually progress (!), but usually for change’ sake, and for an essentially limited potential membership pool there does seem to be over supply. All that happens, in this finite market, is a dilution of talent where everyone ultimately loses.

Those facing disruption might well read these forums to their benefit!

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Yeah I like a more chilled out vibe lol. When there's too much commercial interest from people it tends to change focus a little. But those same commercial people are integral to the running of our motors.

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I honestly don't think we need any more. There are plenty out there as mentioned, and some complement each other quite nicely and are working in partnership. I like it just fine here as others have said!

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