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Bob. Did you really wear a skirt ???--- :-o

Posted Colvert 14 Nov 2016, 18:54 

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My 150mph bike.
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WillyHeckaslike wrote:What is that very large erection behind you? Image

A LAMP POST you clown. :whump:

Posted Colvert 18 May 2016, 19:04 

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What a great idea to put it there. Smart!

Posted boogiedrummer 05 Feb 2015, 19:23 

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IMG 2169
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Beautiful Looking Motor....

Posted greenymick123 07 Mar 2014, 19:36 

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th 12447 1325359573500 12...
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Who's a clever girl then. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Since I first posted this I've now discovered that the person called Poppy is not a 39 year old woman but a 53 year old, fat balding man !!!!!! Called Terry Beck.
The pictures he posted as Poppy were, pinched without her permission,of a woman called Angela Butler. YIKES !!!

Posted Colvert 13 Jan 2014, 21:17