10 yrs ago Longbridge lost it's heart. by Tootall

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Cannot believe it's been 10 yrs since we where all told to go home and keep an eye on the local news for updates on our jobs. 65 yrs of unbroken family service ended :(
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Posted 08 Apr 2015, 18:13 #1 

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A big piece on Midlands Today about it. I notice the P4 are still not coughing up.

Posted 08 Apr 2015, 18:22 #2 

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No they are not but apparently there is more than £50m in VAT refunds to come so maybe at long last the workers will get something or maybe not as it is subject to a court case with several creditors after the dosh
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Posted 08 Apr 2015, 20:05 #3 

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: BMW have put a claim in the money belongs to them. Let's hope it does go to the workers but it will be too late for some


Posted 11 Apr 2015, 21:26 #4