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Posted 18 Jan 2012, 12:51 #1 

I once went to insure an LR Disco with Direct Line:

'Oh, you will need to have an alarm fitted'
'It has one it is a standard factory fit and part of the equipment fitted as standard to the model'
'In which case we will need to come and inspect it for £40'
'No you will not I will take my business elsewhere'

The next company had no problem with the alarm and did not want me to have another fitted or inspect the one fitted.

I will now never ever approach them for insurance.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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I had that with them for my car,however, several 260 owners have also been asked that,I judged the cost of having the certificate done against the extra cost of using A.N.Other and it still had a saving.
Everyone's particular details are different WHAT really P@@@@s me off is the post code b@@@@@@s devised by the post office as a great way of sending mail has been used against for a load of things,Car ,house life and on and on and F@@@@@g on.
Your life is you NOT a post code.........crime figures are fudged as a certain chap who lives in a village bring the next towns figures into shape HIS post code is now included with there's thus all his insurance cost's go up......................................RANT OVER.....

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RRanting accepted.....grrrr..insurers..."legalised" extortion racket.

As noted above, some are better than others. If you cancel early Direct choice will charge £44 for the admin whereas A&A will request £257! I've asked them for a breakdown of this charge but so far no answer.

Posted 19 Jan 2012, 22:16 #4