Insurance...THIS is where the money goes... by Zeb

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I started reading and kept thinking I had got to the end of the list of bonuses, incentives, recompense and f*** knows what other twaddle they can think of as reasons to pay this fella more...but I hadn't....

Good on the shareholders...but let's face it, they are just intending the money goes their way instead, not to reduce premiums for us mere mortals...

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...but I could get by on his car allowance.... that's obscene!

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geesmith wrote:...but I could get by on his car allowance.... that's obscene!

£1,309 per month on top of that salary - noses in the troughs lads

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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That's our problem, being working class. Or serfs.
Ours is to provide the wealth (if we have a job that produces anything) through noble labour.

The wealth then finds its way to our betters by cascading upwards (funny that, I always thought...) to keep those with an acute sense of entitlement in foie gras cocktails.

Now let's see, what would I do if I were a CEO or MD....
1. Put prices up to increase revenue (especially if the product was a legal requirement
and the customer had limited choice).
2. Register my company in a tax haven to maximise profits to look good to shareholders.
3. Lobby MP's to reduce top rate tax to maximise my personal income by ingratiating
myself to them, or blackmailing (sorry, exerting public interest pressure)them.

They are my duties as a responsible business man as I see them. They are followed by every other business man because that's what is expected. If I don't do that, I lose kids have to lose their very expensive education...the city apartment in Rome has to go...the Bentley....oh no, I can't go on, I must give those Wonga pensioners a ring.

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You missed a few off
Lay off lots of staff as the city likes that and the share price goes up.
Change the payment terms to my suppliers so that they go out of business due to me paying later than legally allowed.
Close the pension scheme provided it doesn't affect me

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Yes, there's quite a list when you start on it! The difficulty is altruism always starts with someone else, or to put it another way (the miser's excuse) charity begins at home. Sadly 'home' is never awash with funds and so the needy never get any. People enter or start businesses to make money. That's it. There are vey few that operate their business with a financially sympathetic view of the customer and they do everything they can to screw as much out every sale as they can. For the customer it's never fair, equitable, or even reasonable. For the business man it's never enough. It's called Capitalism - the least worst option.

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