What a waste of our money by Bermudan 75

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Bermudan 75
On the 7th July last, I had a pre-op for a replacement hip. The pre-op comprised of a blood test, x-ray and ECG.
Today I have received another appointment for the 7th November for, yes a pre-op for the same hip replacement.
My good lady is a retired senior nurse and is appalled that this has happened.

Posted 16 Sep 2023, 21:39 #1 

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Doesn't surprise me. Last year I asked for a referral for a skin condition via my GP he was concerned and referred me. I also mentioned it to my liver consultant and he followed up with a referral to the same department. Some weeks later I got a Letter from said dept. Stating, what they thought it was from pictures I sent and refused the referral. A few weeks later, yes you guessed it, more or less. I got a phone call from said dept. offering me an appointment to see a skin specialist. I explained that she, the person on the phone had sent me a letter refusing the referral. I had a hard time persuading her that I no longer needed the appointment, because I had been put on a course of steroids for another condition, (which I may never be able to stop. ) That had dealt with the skin problem. Her answer was "wouldn't you like to see the specialist anyway." I couldn't make it up, you probably couldn't either. :) Good luck with you hip replacement.

Posted 17 Sep 2023, 14:21 #2