Let's hope this works..... by carlpenn

As per title, if this is successful, there are a lot of Families who could get a loved one back, or prevent losing them from this sad illness.

A treatment to reverse Alzheimer's Disease could be available in five years, it has been revealed. Experiments on mice have indicated that a new vaccine not only halts the advance of the disease, but repairs damage already done.
It could also be given to patients whose families have a history of Alzheimer's, to prevent them developing the disease.

The experts stressed that the vaccine could not become generally available until it has been through large-scale clinical trials.
But Mr Cayton, who described the research as 'extremely exciting', said: 'It would not be unrealistic to say that we might see a treat-ment within five years.'

The Full story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1m9pVKTix

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Let's hope so - this is one of the cruelest diseases. Mrs TF's mum has Alzheimer's and she now recognises no-one, is unable to communicate or understand anything. To say it is a living hell is no understatement. I always thought this was a very slow degenerative disease but that is not the case - all this has happened in 3 short years. It doesn't just affect the older person either - one of the other sufferers being cared for in the same place is only in her early 50s.

It is heartbreaking to witness not just those who have the disease but also the effect it has on their families and friends.

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I read a ladies blog where she was having the hardest time convincing her father not to correct her mum. Her mum was living in the past and believed she was working at a job she left in the 50's... also the old lady in the mirror was a visitor.
The daughter maintained a relationship with her mum by going with the flow of whatever her mum believed. Every now and again she would be herself briefly.

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