Hope it was not your fridge by PaulT

Just had a new fridge freezer delivered this morning.

A key thying when I ordered was when delivery would be and was told either last Friday or this Wednesday which was fine so ordered. Call earlier this week 'delivery on Thursday between 08:00 and 11:00 and they will call you half an hour before delivery'.

07:20 ring on the doorbell and Einstein stood at the door

'got a fridge for you'
'thought you were going to phone half an hour before'
'forgot mate'

So Einstein opens the back of the lorry and obviously his brother works at the depot because the fridge freezer was right at the front of the lorry.

Items being moved about and what seemed to be a very heavy fridge was put on to one side of the tail lift so that he could bring out our fridge freezer and he also placed it on to the lift. He then pressed the button to lower the lift and as it shook slightly the other fridge overbalanced off of the tail lift 'CRAAAASH'.

So if it is yours it may have a dent or two and may not work properly.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 05 Jul 2012, 06:59 #1 

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Love it! :-D
"Keep Smilin'"

Posted 05 Jul 2012, 07:22 #2 

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Glad i don’t have any delivery’s today.

Apart from any physical damage with dents and the like I wonder what internal damage can be done to the internal workings. :confused:

Posted 05 Jul 2012, 07:39 #3