How awfully British by PaulT

Just reading on a specialist website about the CityJet that was operating for Air France that lost communication earlier in the week and was escorted by two Typhoons. One of the Typhoon pilots instructing the CityJet captain once communications were established:

"I've been instructed by her majesty's government to instruct you turn right 090 degrees"

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Dave Goody
Its the only way to talk to these foreign Johnnies!

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do they still use " bandits at 12 oclock " etc ?
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Perhaps "Tally Ho Old Bean" would have done it!

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Borg Warner
More info here:

Had 6 F-15s pass over our house today, 1x4 then 1x2. Bit too quick and high for a photo sadly.

Gary M.

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