So very British by raistlin

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Makes perfect sense... in Britain.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 02 Jul 2012, 06:14 #1 

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...and some of my friends think I'm weird standing in a field full of cars all day. ;)
I don't like signatures, they take up too much screen space.

Posted 02 Jul 2012, 08:02 #2 

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Going somewhere for no real reason, and maybe not knowing where you will end up.. Or when.. has a lot of appeal dontchathink?... :D

The only problem I have with it, would be having to wait a week at gawd knows where, for the next one to come along.... ???

Posted 02 Jul 2012, 18:14 #3 

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I saw this and oddly enough it did seem to make sense

Posted 02 Jul 2012, 21:52 #4 

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"The idiot who, in railway carriages
Scribbles on window-panes
We only suffer
To ride on a buffer
On Parliamentary trains."

Gilbert & Sullivan (The Mikado)

Posted 03 Jul 2012, 10:06 #5