Aviation.......Three Wonderful Sisters by podge

Dry throats and misty eyes abound...........


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The shape of the vulcan is just amazing. I saw one flying for the first time a few weeks ago, must have terrified the enemy.

When designing the vulcan, the starting point must have been "let's design the scariest plane possible so to frighten the enemy into submission before we have even dropped a bomb". Brilliant shape.

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I suppose the only negative is that it presents a large target to the enemy

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Saw the Vulcan twice now and a fantastic sight, i thought it was loud until i then saw and heard the Typhoon
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Bolin wrote:... must have terrified the enemy.

They certainly used to terrify me :lol: some of the places you had to get in to for gaining access to the avionics was the stuff of nightmares, me being 6ft tall and 20 stone.

For example:- http://www.tonyelms.com/Vulcan_360/XJ823_cockpit_360.html

If you spin the image round to the Nav / Plotter's seat, there was a piece of kit which could only be reached by crawling under the Nav / Plotter's table, squirming around then standing upright behind the panel in a gap so shallow that you couldn't fully expand your chest.

The item in question used to take roughly 30 minutes to dis-connect and remove.

Happy days... NOT ;)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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