" An Adventure in Space and Time" by podge

If you have not seen this you are in for a real treat.A wonderful tale beautifuly told and not a dry eye in this house at the end.Only the BBC could pull this off.Enjoy!!!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0 ... _and_Time/

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Was absolutely superb, I cannot agree more. That last shot with the two doctors even had me getting a little teary!

Posted 23 Nov 2013, 19:01 #2 

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A must watch for everybody, even if you don't like DW

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It says currently unavailable via the link
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Thats a real shame...............still,if you get the chance go and see (in 3D) "Gravity"....just stunning!!

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Who cares ...lol but then i am a sci fi fan ......

Posted 23 Dec 2013, 08:37 #6