The "Sports event this year" Police......... by carlpenn

Seriously, this is craziness!!

In 2007, Dennis Spurr, a butcher from the Fantastic Sausage Factory in Weymouth, Dorset, was reportedly told to take down a sign showing five sausage rings in the shape of the (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS)logo, with 2012 written underneath. He changed the rings to squares and 2012 to 2013.

Last year, bakers at the British Sugarcraft Guild were reportedly told that using (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS)symbols in icing and marzipan modelling would breach copyright.

Others caught up included a florist that put up (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS)rings made of tissue paper.

The University of Derby was reportedly forced to take down a banner that read "supporting the London (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS)".

And last month, Birmingham Royal Ballet's artist director David Bintley was ordered to change the name of his latest production from Faster, Higher, Stronger - the (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS) motto - to Faster.

But my Favourite one has to be:

and an 81-year-old woman hoping to sell a £1 doll wearing a hand-knitted sports kit with a GB 2012 logo and (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS) rings, in a fund-raising sale.

Really? We have to stretch that far? Harrassing old Ladies for freakin Knitting a Doll?

There is a Multi Billion Piracy industry in the UK, Drug Rings, Child Porn Rings and all these fascists care about is the (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS) Rings

I sincerely hope that the (CENSORED BY RULE OF THE MONEYMAKING WAZZOCKS) Games are a Gigantic flop worthy of British Historical flops and all these cretins lose Billions.

Full story:

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

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Borg Warner
But the wont as it will be underwritten by the tax payer, you and I.

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