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One of my students was in a foul mood this morning. So much so that I tackled him about it at a convenient point.

Apparently he has been charged with "Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline" contrary to s.19 of the Armed Forces Act 2006 and was expecting a trial by Court Martial.

I asked if he minded explaining the reason and it seems that one day last week, when it was pelting down with rain, he'd been upset to find the smoker's shelter full of Arab students. So much so it seems, that he made a comment about f*** wog rag-heads should f*** off back to the f***ing desert.

Hardly surprising then, that, if overheard, he would face the charge he mentioned and I said as much.

His mitigating comment was:- "I got nothing against the rag-heads... one of my best friends is half Muslim. They just shouldn't be over here".

In the face of such puerile naiveté didn't see any point in exploring further :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 25 Apr 2013, 19:43 #1 

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I find it remarkable how often that statement is used

"I got nothing against the ..... one of my best friends is......."

It's used as if to prove a point, usually quite the opposite
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Posted 26 Apr 2013, 07:51 #2 

notes from the margin:

So considerate of the MOD to generously provide shelters for their drug addicts.

No info re if the Arab occupants were smoking - hookah or otherwise (but then one mustn’t allow one’s prejudices to surface, must one?)

The charge seems remarkably light given the terms the accused used to express his consternation at there being limited room for another comrade.

His verbatim explanation suggests his comrades’ command of English may be a tad superior to his own, and his knowledge of culturo/religio make up, sadly, somewhat short of a full mosque.

The language used may be misleading in its intent - vernacular amongst peer groups, whilst offensive to outsiders, often is the norm.

Perhaps a transfer to a regiment whose strength is drawn from desert origin soldiers might bring about a suitable enlightenment, not to mention just deserts.

Posted 26 Apr 2013, 15:59 #3