Re: Changing fuel filter CDTi by Arctic

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Just incase anyone else is unsure of changing the fuel filter on the CDTi hope this will help.
You will need some rags and a 10mm rachet
Locate the fuel filter just in front of the battery case Fig 1

Fig 2 take note of the two fuel lines and the elcetric wire line

Fig 3 unplug the fuel lines be ready to use the rags incase of a little spilage of diesel

Fig 4/5 shows the fuel lines disconnected and the rags under them incase of diesel spill you should not get much so no need to worry.


Fig 6 once the fuel lines have been disconnected you can use the 10mm rachet spanner to loosen the bolts which tightens the clamp round the fuel filter once slackened off enough the filter will lift up free from the clamp.

Fig 7 now the fuel filter is free from the clamp you can unscrew the filter from its carrier do this in an upright postion as the filter still holds a fair bit of diesel discard this thoughtfully and carefully.

Once you have removed the old filter you can if you have some clean diesel pour some into the new filter which in turns helps when you need to prime the filter once fitted back in reverse of removing the filter Fig 8

All you need to do now is switch the ignition to No 2 wait 15 seconds turn back then start engine once started check that the fuel filter and its fittings are all leak free job done cheers Arctic.

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