Pioneer AVIC HD3 upgrade 2012 by raistlin

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Well, after missing out 2011, Pioneer have just released their 2012 European maps upgrade for the AVIC HD3 (which is what resides in VeeKay's double DIN slot :))

£320... are they taking the piss?

Luckily, it can be had from a chap in Norway for a mere £79 for which he sends out a replacement hard drive and offers £30 refund upon return of your original.

How do they justify such a price? (Rhetorical question).

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

Click the image to go to Nano-Meet Website

Posted 14 Aug 2012, 18:05 #1 

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Is that £320 just for the maps ?

That's just a silly price, even getting it cheaper from the guy in Norway is still a lot of money just for maps.

Posted 14 Aug 2012, 19:13 #2