Young people's reaction to the 2011 disorder by raistlin

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I know some of you, like me, distrust the perceived bias of the media so I thought this report from the Youth Justice Board might be of interest.


I was asked to review it having been involved in the sentencing of young people following the disorder in August 2011. Don't worry - 'tis only a skimpy short report :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 26 Jun 2012, 15:52 #1 

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>>>Don't worry - 'tis only a skimpy short report<<<

Well if that's the short version for gawds sake don't link us to the full one! :D

Reads to me as though thousands of professional do-gooders will write millions of reports that no one will ever act on. And just increase the cost of maintaining public services.. .

99% of what was asked and the replies were predicable, anyone with an ounce of common sense could suss out what the "investigation" was going to find anyway... For people like you, this must be an exercise in frustration, no one will act on any of the reports, they will prob be referred to outside Companies to report on and those reports in turn will provoke no action from anyone...... :(
...... Sad innit... :(

Posted 26 Jun 2012, 16:59 #2