Why the young have to pay high insurance premiums by PaulT

This morning was on a side road in a local town. The road was icy. On my side of the road there were no cars parked, on the other side a line of cars parked nose to tail. Then this young person turns on to the road heading for me. He did not wait until I had passed before pulling out from behin the parked cars and then driving down the road. There was not room for the two of us to pass safely, but he just put his foot down and as he went past (I had no room to move over anymore - my n/s was in the gutter - our door mirros clashed. Fortunately, no actual damage.

Could have been much worse - and they wonder why their premiums are high!

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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I saw a car the other day... well, I say car but I'm being generous. I can't recall exactly the make/model but think of Citroën Saxo circa 10 years ago, this one was of those "special editions".

Really... it was. ;)

It must have been the only Saxo that had the exhaust pipe detached at the engine side of things and was practically dragging on the ground. The driver seemed fairly confident and proud of his car making such loud "burbly" engine noises in it's condition and I very much think he was blissfully unaware of the potential damage/injury he could cause by driving his car in that condition. If I had been quick enough (and I wasn't recovering from the shock of seeing such a shoddy vehicle being actually driven) I'd have got his number plate and reported him.

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W 4 NKA perhaps ?

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A few years ago, driving to work in a new company Picasso when a tiny boy with 2 or 3 tiny friends appeared round a bend at such speed that he needed most of my lane. He missed me by inches as I drove with the nearside rattling through the hedgerow to such an extent that the mirror was folded in and the whole of the nearside was pinstriped by the mainly hawthorn hedge. Fortunately the dealer managed to buff it out.

Did he stop to ask if I was okay? No he continued at unabated speed trying to get as far away as possible...maybe that's what he was doing when he nearly collected me... trying to get away from a previous contratemp.
Oh well, at least I didn't see him collide with a stationary object. Now that will put your premium up.

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