Time to be Moving On by carlpenn

A little later than the other Clubs posting this here (Sorry) I forgot my Log In Details <Cue Embarressed look>

Anyhoo, after some 14 Years of Driving Rover, it has become time to call "Last Orders".

Nothing bad, not due to the Car or the Club(s) or Members, just simply moving on to a new breed of Motor.

In all the 6 Years I have owned a 75, I have only once been stranded at the Roadside Other than Flat Batteries and two sticky Starter motors, none of my 75's actually got to the point of being un-driveable, with the exception of the 2.0l V6, but I do not count that as it only happened through a mechanics carelessness

I have enjoyed every moment of ownership, even the moments where I was left wanting a Sledgehammer and a Gallon of Fuel and pulling at my greying Hair .

We shall hopefully be leasing a Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.6 Tdi Auto (Depends on availability) through my Wife's Work, they have a Leasing Scheme and whilst we won't own the Car, we do from what I understand, have the option of purchasing after the 3 Years Lease ends.

I shall be putting my 75 up for grabs in the Members Car section, hopefully it will go to a good home.

Something I failed to add with the other Clubs (and shall do so accordingly) is I would like to say a Big THANK YOU, to all those Members who have helped me over the years :) I will be around, just not as much and more of a social thing. :)

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Don't be a stranger Carl :)

Hope you aren't too disappointed with your new car :scared: :lol:

BTW Carl, bearing in mind our recent communications on the Enthusiasts' forum, please be aware that my Latin phrase as shown here in all my posts, was there before we spoke and hopefully isn't seen by you as inappropriate :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Sorry to hear the news Carl but good luck with the new motor and as Paul says , always welcome at meets with or without a Rover/MG
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Borg Warner
Best of luck Carl. Good to meet up a while back.

Take care mate.

Gary M

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Stay in touch Carl! All the best with the new motor! :)

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Dave Goody
good luck Carl, I guess in a few years quite a few of us will be forced to move on, like you I have had Rovers/MGs for a long time, 2x 800s 2x 75 diesels, then the Zt. My wife is currently suffering knee problems which are unlikely to improve so we may before long have to think of a car with higher seats. As said before look in from time to time Good Luck Dave

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(Site Admin)
So long it's been good to know yah. tra la..........

Drop in any time, always very welcome.

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You won't regret the Skoda, but it will never be a 75. I know, I have both!

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Hi Carl,

Good luck with the new car.

Thanks for you input over the years and I hope you wont be a stranger to the forums and the meets.

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