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Just something I was reading elsewhere, if you could start your working career again what would you go ?

I have worked for about 20 years installing data cables, fibre optic and doing moves and changes in office moves. I have had a good run and earned some good money but I had to to work 7 days a week and work away from home and night shifts when needed.

Now if I could start again I would still like to work in the computer field but more on the programming side and installing PC/server side of the business.

So what would you like to do ?

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I'd like to have been a successful criminal, emphasis on successful.

Sorry to get you off to such a poor start with this

I was destined to do something with my artistic talents and was lined up for the course when dad said "you'll get out and get a job"...

So I got 2 interviews, got both jobs, accepted one, jumbled along from there. I've always risen up the ranks quickly but now I'm allowed to be a little disappointed at never gaining a specific qualification beyond the initial GCE's. Looking back huh.. I'm 58, unemployed along with nearly 3 million others.. I definitely need to get my head in gear.

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Having previously been a handyman, despatch rider, a taxman, a teacher, a Connexions Adviser, a proof-reader....I now find myself a handyman much for that bleedin' degree and two postgrads...

If I had my time again....I would be a potter. :)

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Oh, definitely a barrister :lol: But then again, I really enjoy my present occupation so why change?

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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I would have loved to have been a classical musician however, unlike some of my late family, I lacked the talent. So, no point in regretting decisions in that area.
But I often wonder what would have been had I not had such an interest in practical technology, I could have gone to Oxford to read law. I would have certainly been better off but I bet not had such an interesting life.
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Quote: I could have gone to Oxford to read law.

Me too, but I chose to leave school and read Rover workshop manuals instead.

Was always my ambition to be a member of the idle rich - the first half came easy, it's the second bit that's causing the problem . . .

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I'd like to have worked in Movie Special FX, something like Industrial Light and Magic, or work for Pixar or Disney as an animator.

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Bermudan 75
Lumberjack a'la Monty Python.... :nurse:

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I've been thinking about this and it's proving quite a tough one

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Zeb wrote:If I had my time again....I would be a potter. :)

But surely you have to be born there to be a Potter? It's not something you get to choose is it?

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Like most, I suspect, it didn't start off for me with a masterplan. Everything seemed to happen purely by accident and I often wish 'they' whoever 'they' are had provided me with a workshop manual of my life in prospect (obviously by an author other than Haynes), with an index so short cuts could be made. I've done a variety of things and enjoyed them all but at the age of 50 I turned a long term hobby into a business and started a stained glass workshop/studio/school. After never being out of work, I suddenly realised what a terror it was to be self-employed! Talk about precarious. The business was successful and the greatest fun was seeing students get their creative 'lights' turned on and watch them produce beautiful things. That's where I would start should the beginning come around again.

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Borg Warner
When at school all I ever wanted to do was join the RAF. In September '76 went to the RAF careers office in Wolves with my father and got the info. They said come back when you are 15yrs and 9 months old. The following spring, and in my last year at school, I sent off various applications to companies and had several interviews. In particular one for the Midlands Electricity Board (remember the lecky board?) who actullly turned me down at the time. On the 25 May I returned to the RAF office and filled in the application form handed it over to the officer. Oh he said you're too young. Sorry, I'm 15 yrs and 9 months just like you said. Nope you are 3 days too young, come back Monday. Damn!. Got home and the MEB had phoned and offered me an apprenticeship. The rest is history.

Just think I could have flown over exotic countries and bombed them!!!

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I'd like to have lent Bill Gates $1000 when he needed it the most.
People call me average, but I think that's mean!
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In a similar vein. I should have bought several thousand pounds worth of Apple shares when I first started in the business. They were $12.00 a piece. :( Currently around $573.
Not the only thing I would change.

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We should be born when we're older and wiser and work backwards...... :gmc:

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Ragman wrote:I've been thinking about this and it's proving quite a tough one

All I wanted to do when growing up was join the Navy and serve on Submarines - sadly my eyesight let me down so that was a no go, after that it was sort of muddling along, problem was I never any good any anything, no I suppose what I mean is I was never any good at any one thing, and thinking about it, if I could have my time again that's what I would change, I would make sure I had one thing I was good at, one specialism I could fall back on, no-one recruits a generalist anymore

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I would do the same as now and try and get some overseas postings.

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Think I would have like to have be born with the gift of Hindsight!!

ALA geesmiths offering!!

Would sort most things ? :-D :-D
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Anyone else finding this thread quite morbid - thinking of what might have been and the chances and opportunities that have gone forever as you slowly pass into old age . . . :(

Feel much better though when I remind myself of my lovely wife, my beautiful daughter and my gorgeous grandaughter :)

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What lovely thoughts to have, your wife and family are very lucky.
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