Time for a little reflection... by podge

Well,tomorow I reach "normal retirement age" :D .I have decided to work on for another year :shock: I enjoy the work (not the 04.45 getting up and 12 hour days) but heh,to coin a phrase "lifes too short",the extra year will help me fund various projects :wink: and also help fund the quite low Pension.One of the reasons for staying on is that we have a lot of apprentices with us now and most of my hours are spent mentoring and guiding them along.Many young people are much malinged these days,well these guys and girls(yes even lasses are getting their hands covered in grease and oil) are for the most part really good to work with.They are of all nationalities and seem to enjoy our banter and work,though some of them do have a job keeping up with us........not many overweight aircraft engineers :D It has been a real eye opener for me,I did not think I would enjoy it so much,its very hard at times and very tiring too.To put it in perspective,its not been a "Bed of Roses" along the way either,I worked for myself for over ten years through the Seventies and into the Eighties,the Banks had us against the wall more than once,VAT man cometh etc and as for holidays......I have no regrets at all getting that particular teashirt,it puts everything into perspective.I then took a long look at life and decided to go for my passion..aircraft maintenance.So,a "mature student",whilst a full time job,a redundancy,carried on,4 years study,17 exams and never looked back.They even want me to do a new aircraft authorisation course this year,at my age :shock: The wine is talking now :D :D ,so time to wrap it up.Its funny how life turns out,one thing I have learnt,never give up and always listen,there are much wiser people than you out there,it can get low but it does get better.YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE

What am I doing tomorow, STEAM LOCOS :D :D :D :D
If this ramble has bored anyone,no problem,just me and a HALF FULL bottle of wine...never half empty :wink:

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Bet it's empty now Pete ;) Interesting read with a positive edge :)
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Happy Birthday

If you are doing a job you enjoy then go for it - just remember that life does end and if you are fit today you do not know what tomorrow may bring.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Do what puts a smile on your face. It sounds like you already are though :-)

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Hmm... thought provoking comments Peter. In vino veritas :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Thanks for the kind comments guys and a lovely day out yesterday :-)................

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