Smoke Free for a week :-) by carlpenn

I have a suspected "starting" of an arterial blockage (it showed on the ECG I had), so quitting the Cig's has become somewhat of a priority. Followed closely by a trip to my GP to arrange more in depth investigation :(

I have been smoke / Tobacco free for a week now, I started off on Niquitin Patches, but found these to not help much, though they where a Temporary measure whilst I waited delivery of my E-Cigs. I have heard lots about these E-Cigs, but was somewhat wary, so ordered a Liberro Starter pack.

I must say, I am incredibly impressed. Since I started using these, I have not had any cravings / issues. The patches, for whatever reason just didn't cut it with me, I found myself feeling agitated and in need of a cigarette quiet a lot. More so, I find I am not chugging away at 4 to 5 cigarettes before going to work, I simply have a few puffs at the E-Cig and I am happy, then just a couple of times during the work day and a few times during the evening.

I also find that having a Glass of Wine doesn't turn into a cravefest with teh E-Cigs, unlike the Patches :p

So, Fingers crossed ;)

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More power too you. Keep it up you know it makes snese. :)

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Good move Carl. Good luck with averting the problem.
I switched from hand rolled to E-Cigs (Totally Wicked's Tornado type) and have never looked back for 18 months. I even mix my own juices. I haven't bought anything other than a few 10ml flavours since early last autumn when I stocked up. I bought a 36mg bottle of nic back then and still have half left. Both my wife and myself.

I particularly like the Tornado with the Tank or the dual atomiser. The duals are less than a couple of quid each and one seems to last me a month! My batteries are lasting and lasting..
No ash, no ashtray, no having to go outside, no poison or carcinogens.. I was even allowed to use mine in my ward at the hospital. The nurses particularly liked the coconut flavour. :)

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...oh and a usb charger and usb passthrough for use at your computer.

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Borg Warner
Having never been a smoker I can't say I know what you are going through, but best of luck in kicking the habit.

Just think of the mods you'll be able to carry out with the savings.

More importantly the obvious health benefits.

Best of luck.

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I quit when I was young about 40 years ago. There were no nicotine patches etc so one of the benefits my body was not still taking nicotine.

For a couple of years after I felt I still craved a cigarette. I do have willpower in some things and I decided that I would just try what a cigarette was like as a definite one off. I put it in my mouth, lit it and the taste and sensation was absolutely vile. Two puffs and bin the cigarette.

I did read somewhere once that claimed that about 5 cigarette a day are for the addiction any others are habit.

Best of luck

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Clinical evidence shows the nicotine to be harmless in an E-Cig and the amount exhaled is negligable. The surrounding atmosphere was more toxic than the exhaled vapour.

Of course, nicotine is a poison if swallowed straight from the bottle....

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Just thought I would update this thread :)

Been two weeks and all going well. The E Cigs have been superb and I have only had Cravings twice, which where Drink and Food related :)

I recommend these E Cigs to anyone who is thinking of quitting. They may be expensive, but the Health Benefits of quitting Ciggies surely must outweigh the costs and in the long term, you will save money anyways :) :)

Regarding the Health issue, I have to go and have a Blood Test for all kinds of stuff, so hopefully nothing too serious will be found. :(

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Eventually you will be saving lots of money too, so it's win, win, win...

Then there's the flavours.. :)

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Well done! :clap: keep up the good work, you can only benefit from this so stick to it. :thumbsup:

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