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Borg Warner
My Freelander has no service book or history, no surpise considering it's had 6 previous owners and with this in mind I've just had it serviced. I intend on keeping the vehicle some years so am minded to get a service booklet. The things you can get on E-bay? Is it worth it I ask? I'm somewhat OCD with my cars' services/history. Have an immense file on the B, but then it is a classic. I've detailed every fill up, bulb and even fuse on the ZT, have all receipts for work carried out as well as having the service book stamped. I even have details of when it broke down, the location, reason and repair. The Landy would be the same. Would a service book that starts on 73K on a 12 year car carry any weight with any future purchaser? Or is my OCD beginning to get out of control?

Posted 29 Jan 2013, 17:19 #1 

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I think most people tend to rely on receipted invoices rather than a 'service document', which is too easy to 'modify'.

I know when I bought VeeKay, she had the original service history book but it was the main dealership servicing invoices which told me more about the car.

Just my view.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Bermudan 75

Invoices tell the full story,as opposed to a rubber stamp in a handbook.

Posted 30 Jan 2013, 18:32 #3 

Two valid points there.I bought our daughter's "from new" Passat Estate when she changed cars,she has no service book (lost by the main dealer!) but I have all the invoices from day one.I just bought a very expensive replacement book from a VW main agent,it has "duplicate" printed on each page..........I will keep those invoices.Pete.

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Borg Warner
Invoices it is then.

Thanks chaps.

Posted 01 Feb 2013, 14:01 #5