Serious steering fault with my Jaguar. by raistlin

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My new Jaguar is absolutely brilliant in almost all respects. As I've said before, a worthy successor to VeeKay.

However, I have discovered a potentially dangerous steering fault.

Inexplicably, at first, the car will, on occasions, steer violently, either to the left or right as though it was being controlled by other than I. It was very worrying but I have now discovered that it seems to do this only when passing a golf club ;)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 03 Apr 2015, 18:18 #1 

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3 iron or a sand wedge ?
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Planning is an unnatural process, much better to just get on with things, that way failure comes as a complete surprise instead of being preceeded by a period of worry and doubt

Posted 03 Apr 2015, 18:24 #2 

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Don't let it get the better of you Paul, park it on the driving range :lol:
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Posted 04 Apr 2015, 09:29 #3 

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Hi Paul take care you could end up in a bunker :shock: maybe its because you removed the tints the car is trying to hide. Its shy :cheers: :unionflag:

Posted 08 Apr 2015, 06:17 #4