Rich persons get out of jail card by PaulT

One law for the rich and one law for the poor:

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 05 Aug 2014, 17:08 #1 

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I am disgusted by this, he was charged with bribery and gets off with as good as another bribe to the legal system , what price justice.

He denies wrongdoing and if he is so convinced of his innocence should be made to complete the process, win or lose.

I am sure he wouldn't be parting with £60m yes £60m if he really thought he had no case to answer
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Posted 05 Aug 2014, 21:46 #2 

Getting out of a bribery trial by bribing the court (imo) - that's irony.

£60m is change down the back of the sofa for him. He once said that his wife didn't know her bank balance to the nearest £500m.

Amazing what you can do with a lot of money. You could almost be living on a different planet.

Posted 05 Aug 2014, 22:11 #3 

In the paper I read it was reported that an arrangement has allegedly been made that Bavaria will agree to the construction of a new F1 track with the £59mil as a matter of some urgency. So, how long before the latest bribe is recouped? 1 year? 2? And I wonder who will recommend the builders? He once said getting money is easy, it's keeping it that keeps you awake. I feel really guilty about my winter fuel allowance now.

Posted 05 Aug 2014, 22:43 #4