Pictures from the U.S.A. of "our" weekend!! by podge

Thought you would like to see these,this Boston paper allways has good pictures.....oh I should have gone....:-( ... rates.html

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They do seem to love our Royalty - perhaps because they, the white 'newcomers' have no real heritage in the country.

In addition, any pomp that they do have seems brash and unrefined.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Some super pictures even if they have been thoroughly 'shopped' ;)

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Enjoyed looking at those pics, Podge. Thanks for posting the link. :unionflag:

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Tourerfogey wrote:Some super pictures even if they have been thoroughly 'shopped' ;)

They have been cropped for sure, maybe a few cleanup filters passed on them, but they haven't been "shopped".
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Well to help make up for the missed event of the likes we shall probably not see for many,many years we are off to see this on Wednesday evening.........
and then if I can make it,I shall go up to The Mall on Saturday morning to see the return of The Trooping of the Colour as they all come back to The take a Union Jack...not a Union Flag!

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