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raistlin wrote:I thought Olympic athletes were not supposed to make any money, being true amateurs?

I think you are living in the past - athletes are now professionals in the main.....look at the football team, it does not consist of Jim from down the park or Bob who sometimes comes along for a kick about. A certain Mr Beckham is upset at not making the team.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Borg Warner wrote:A local (Suffolk) comment was that the relay in it present for started with the 1936 Olympics in Germany. Doing a quick Google brings this up:

http://www.infoplease.com/sports/olympi ... torch.html

TBH the commercialism of it all appals me. I'm sure it was just amateurs which used to take part?

While I'm at it why are they using BM'ers? Why not Jags or Landy's for the escort cars? At least they're built here.tis very true this was invented for the 1936 berlin games the runner who carried the torch into the main arena was not a runner at all but was picked for his looks ie blond hair blue eyes etc the perfect aryan.this farce is coming to haverhill soon only in this case will be carried by a chav munching a bag of chips wearing a electronic tag

Sorry for the hijack, rant over.

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In 2002 the Rover 75 was the official car for the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester.

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