Mini Cooper Connector Help by Mad-Monkey

Some low life scum has nicked the side repeaters off my girlfriends mini coupe. The one has been yanked removing the connector and leaving bare wire so I need to find a connector.

Can anyone identify where I could get one. They look similar to some on the ZT and 75s but not sure.

Just after one. They plug straight into the light fitting so don't really want to be soldering.

2015-08-18 20.38.35.png
2015-08-18 20.38.21.png

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Posted 18 Aug 2015, 19:40 #1 

Also can the car be used without them? Legally speaking of course.

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Posted 18 Aug 2015, 20:44 #2 

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The connectors are used on 75s I'm sure. Heated washer jets for one, but probably side repeaters too. MQS terminals so you can crimp them on. Pretty sure I have some in the garage but I'll have to look tomorrow.

Posted 18 Aug 2015, 21:19 #3 

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Yes, you can continue to use the car David. Repeaters are not additional to the statutory direction indication equipment.

I've seen connectors like those on the 75 as well but precisely where escapes me at the moment.

Don't forget that I have the appropriate crimping tool if required :)

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Posted 18 Aug 2015, 21:48 #4 

Thanks chaps. Spoke to a breakers today who reckon they have everything I need so I've ordered them including a connector. I'll check the others you mentioned Duncan just in case.

Thanks Paul she'll be happier now. She got a lift this morning just in case!

Posted 19 Aug 2015, 12:13 #5 

Always think that when someone is 'done' for, say, vandalising a car then after, say 20 years, officials should turn up at their home and say 'remember when you vandalised that car, well it is final payback time, we are officially going to vandalise your car'.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 19 Aug 2015, 21:15 #6 

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Borg Warner
Now I've never understood vandalism, be it scrawling one's name on the desk at school (what was it we used to see, "somebody" woz 'ere?) this sort of thing or the example here:

Hope the connectors work OK and it's sorted quickly for you Dave.

Gary M.

Posted 20 Aug 2015, 09:20 #7