I know I slag Paypal off but... by Raistlin

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... they are great for establishing communication.

I ordered an item from an online retailer two weeks ago and their website reports "order in progress" and has done since I placed the order, which was supposed to be next working day delivery.

I Left them four messages on their web-site "contact" page, six e-mails and 5 telephone calls to all of which I hadn't received a reply.

This morning I raised a dispute with Paypal at 08:25... and had an e-mail from said retailer at 08:38 :lol:

Paypal does have some use after all.

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Posted 22 Nov 2012, 19:51 #1 

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I had a retailer playing silly. I told them I was in the process of contacting paypal for a refund, goods arrived the next morning after having waited two weeks and been promised they had already been sent. Funny the postmark was the same day I was going to contact paypal.

Posted 22 Nov 2012, 20:02 #2 

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My Dad ( who's present fad is collecting silver ? )( Well helps my Inheritance :-D :-D :em: , )
recently got a brill deal on a piece of silver on Fleabay, got it real cheap.. paid .. and heard nothing, so he got the Telephone number and rang the seller, asked by name etc .. got the woman, asked where his silver was, and was told I know nothing about it, my account must have been hi jacked , I never use Ebay ? etc etc ..

Obviously didn't want to let it go cheap. :mad1:

So raised a paypal dispute , detailed the phone call etc . and within 3 hrs had an Email from the Sellers husband apologizing for the delay and that the item was on its way ?? :confused:

So it does work sometimes ??

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Posted 23 Nov 2012, 10:50 #3