Holiday emails by Dave

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Noticed this on the BBC website, about Daimler zapping all emails that people receive when they are on holiday

No holiday emails

Sounds great, but what happens when the suggested alternative recipients are not available either

Daimler employee wrote:I am on vacation. I cannot read your email. Your email is being deleted. Please contact Hans or Monika if it's really important, or resend the email after I'm back in the office. Danke Schoen

I remember in my NHS days I'd send an email to someone (let's call her Dagmar), and get a reply saying that they were Out Of Office, so please contact "Hans or Monika". So, I'd send one to Hans, and his would say he was away too, so please contact "Dagmar or Monika", so I'd send one to Monika and guess what..... :mad1:

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