Gov't thinking of cutting Minimum Wage by carlpenn

Cameroon and his Goons are thinking of cutting the Minimum Wage to "reinvigorate" the Economy?

What a bunch of thick, stupid, Moronic idiots........... ... nimum-wage
The minimum wage could be cut as part of efforts to reinvigorate the economy, the prime minister's spokesman said this morning.
However, the move was thrown into doubt when unconfirmed reports emerged that it was set to rise again after all - possibly marking a quick government retreat.
Right-wing members of the Cabinet have long demanded a cut to the minimum wage to encourage small and medium sized business to employ more staff and boost profits.
"It's something we are looking at. We need to make sure that it's working," the prime minister's spokesman said this morning. The Low Pay Commission was asked to report back to ministers before a decision is taken. Reports suggest it could have its terms of reference changed so it must formally consider its impact on "employment and the economy" before agreeing future increases.

Seriously, how can cutting an already pants paypacket invigorate the Economy? Do these stupid halfwits not see that after tax and NI someone on Minimum Wage only takes home £880 a Month for a 40 Hour week? I know this because I am on Minimum Wage.

Driving People into Poverty is not the way to regain the economy, cutting taxes, lowering VAT to its original 17.5% and stopping sending Billions overseas is the way forward. I ain't no Politician, but I can see that. Why can they not see that by lowering these, People in the real world, can afford to spend money, thats what the Economy needs, not some Fat greedy Businessman getting away with paying his staff less and making them work twice as hard, because his profit margin is more important than his Employee count Employers will not Employ more people, this is already proven with all the other wasted efforts the Gov't have done.

Yeah Cameroon supports "Hard Working Families" as long as they are on £150k Plus per annum..........

I am beginning to think Cameroon does not want to win the Next Election

Stupid, stupid, stupid people........

Rant over...........

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Fair comment Carl. This government are the pits and I shall be reflecting such thoughts about them at the ballot box. Ah ha! Sadly I am not convinced that any of the other parties can do a better job, as they are all as bad as each other.
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