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I've recently been having difficulty getting my Pioneer head unit to present my iPod playlists in the same folders as on the iPod itself. The pioneer prefers to present a flat list of all playlists and disregard the folders.

Pioneer have now told me that it is done thusly for... SAFETY.

In other words, it is safer to have to scroll through in excess of 6000 playlist titles than it is to click on a couple of folders to get to the playlist you want.

No. Apparently that explanation is not a joke.

At in excess of £1000 for a head unit, I'd say it was a sick joke :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 22 Aug 2014, 08:19 #1 

H&S - the universal answer

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 22 Aug 2014, 09:23 #2 

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That's clearly the UK distributors answer to the Japanese way of doing things. Basically they can't justify the way it has been done so are using BS.

The HMI on many products is particularly poor because the people who design it are not the users. While I am not a fan of Apple as a company, their user interfaces are way better than some stuff.

Posted 22 Aug 2014, 17:37 #3