finally got round to it KV6 stat by takestock

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Seen my stat in the V with pink stains for a good couple of months now, checked water everyday and kept topped up during the bad weather. had a spare stat in the garage since last year

So. 9am stripped out and replaced my KV6 thermostat, elbow, pipe and clips. 90mins start to finish.

Done through the side, no need to remove inlet manifolds etc. both the stat and the elbow broke off at the bottom as they always do but otherwise it's tight in there but very do-able and i aint got particularly small hands.
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Well done Dave, Lates and Pete told me it was possible but I couldn't see how. Hope I don't have to find out. ;)

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Well done its a tight area to work in
I have a new kit ready for mine but haven't had to fit it yet. Runs off to find some wood to touch
Do we know if Kaiser is still doing the metal replacements?

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Took me about 10 times as long, but I did remove the upper and front lower manifolds, and didn't break the old pipes. :whump: :mrgreen:

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