Ebay Bargain Buy - Well Pleased :) by carlpenn

Bought a Walnut and Leather Steering Wheel off Ebay for the bargain price of £149.99 Delivered. Been after one of these for years now but always got outbidded or missed out when I didn't have the cash spare :(

It arrived yesterday and is in much better condition than I thought it was, the Photo's on Ebay didn't do it justice!!

Can't wait to get it fitted now :P Need to Dye it black first though :D

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

Posted 03 Oct 2012, 07:13 #1 

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That is a bargain, about £100.00 under what they used to be.

Posted 03 Oct 2012, 09:30 #2