City of Oxford Spitfire Squadron. by TyphoonTT

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Evening guys.

Just wanted to ask you guys to please cast your eyes over this. My uncle runs Enstone Flying Club, and this is his project. ... ?wnID=2589

The project has also been entered here if anyone would be interested in showing their support.

If there is interest, I was thinking of perhaps organising a meet at the Flying Club? :confused:

Many thanks!

Ben :)

Posted 08 May 2011, 21:22 #1 

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What a bold plan, a dozen spitfires. That would be just spectacular. would love to see it happen
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Posted 10 May 2011, 19:16 #2 

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I used to go gliding at Enstone many years back and would be interested in a meet there. Especially if we could see the progress of the project.
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Posted 10 May 2011, 20:51 #3 

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I'd be up for that funds permitting, lovely spot that my mate used to live at wossname hall errmmmm Heythrop
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Posted 10 May 2011, 20:57 #4 

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Evening chaps.

Yep, quite a project. My Uncle was quite happy for us to organise a get together there
, and was willing to give a run down of the project to those interested. Now to find a free weekend. :mrgreen:

Posted 10 May 2011, 21:13 #5 

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Ooh a free weekend oh well I'll definitely be there :lol:
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Posted 10 May 2011, 21:17 #6 

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Count me in too!

Posted 10 May 2011, 23:29 #7 

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Posted 05 Dec 2011, 23:19 #8 

Wonderful project - just wondering why 92% scale and not 100%.

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Posted 06 Dec 2011, 09:00 #9 

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The prospect of seeing a formation of Spitfires is very appealing, last time a saw a large formation was for the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Duxford in 2000.

Posted 06 Dec 2011, 09:27 #10 

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Does anyone have a 92% scale 75 instrument cluster?

Posted 06 Dec 2011, 18:24 #11 

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count me in Ben and depending on date i would think a few from the Midlands would be up for this too
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Posted 06 Dec 2011, 21:42 #12