Broken Britain..... by stevemac

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I think I would be taken by the black helicopters if I wrote what I really feel on this so called police officer :lol:

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I'm at a loss as to what the garage owner was supposed to do? Surely if you are walking in a poorly lit area you get your company issued torch out :confused:
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The officer obviously has the benefit of a very active Federation rep. and the Federation has put her in contact with vigorous solicitors who, I imagine, are not doing it pro bono.

From the pics I saw, the kerb in question was regulation height and at the boundary between the road for vehicles and the paving for pedestrians. Does this mean every kerb in the land must be removed down the road levels, or the road levels filled to the kerb height?

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Borg Warner
I see she has also sued her own force following a knee injury in a collision. I'm normally very supportive of our police, they do, in the main, a very good job in very difficult circumstances. But I think this shows the officer in a poor light and the compensation culture in all of its "glory". Where will it all end? Norfolk's Chief Constable was on the local news regarding this last week, he was not impressed with her conduct. Perhaps a word in her ear do you think?

Gary M.

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I read the figure of £50 million has been stated for Police officers claiming for Injuries on duty for the year 2010 -2011. :mad1:

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