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I have been with the AA for many years now and have Roadside Relay cover and have only used them for one call out in the last six years.Instead of getting any kind of loyalty discount the price goes up ever year and is now about £150. Does anyone have any suggestions as to an alternative cover with anyone else?
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My cover with the AA never varies Andy, or at least hasn't for the last four years. Every time they send me a renewal notice I phone them up and tell them that if they insist on such a ridiculous price hike I'm cancelling my cover. Every year I have been offered a "Promotional Discount" which brings the annual fee back to what it was the year before.

Might be worth a try if you haven't already :)

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RAC give a 30% discount for long term membership, been with them for many years and, have not had cause to use them. Just extra insurance really.
The best part of the recovery is that you are most likely to get one recovery vehicle to take you to your destination, repairer or home, whereas AA is a relay of vehicles (as in the name) depending on distance.
I'm currently paying £90.00 Roadside, Recovery, Accident Care, Motor Legal Care. I don't bother with home start as I'm fully tooled up and my mechanic lives 150 yards away. Full cost without discount £127.00

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Please feel free to give us a try. Our price start at just £68.00 for normal car. Below is a link to our website with full details.

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