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Speaking of blood sports..(*and slightly OT)

My mate and myself were doing a job in a pedestrian precinct. We had enquired in advance and were told that we COULD park our van next to the job - we were installing a shop front.
On the second day the van was in for a service and we went to work in a Montego Turbo with the back seats folded down to make way for the aluminium step ladders, should we need them.
During the course of the day a Traffic Warden ticketed the car and after a heated debate in which he stuck to his belief that you can't be a tradesman in a car I had to physically restrain my mate from battering him.
The Warden did seem intent on provocation which didn't help.
My mate took the matter up with his HQ and they stood by their man. We were too busy and mobile to follow it up so they collected their fine.

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I know someone who has just been given a ticket for using a Mobile whilst in his Car, ironically, the Mobile doesn't work, it won't ring out nor ring in !! The Phone, which was in his jacket pocket, slipped out amongst a few other items, he then, while stopped at Traffic lights, unclipped his seat belt, leant down and collected the items from teh Drivers footwell where they had landed, at which point a Police Motorcyclist had pulled up to his vehicle and noticed the Mobile Phone, even when showed the Phone didn't work, the then Frothing at the Mouth police man, gave him a ticket for £60 and 3 points <Shrugs> Seriously, how can it be an offence to "use" a non working Mobile Phone?

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Borg Warner
Tourerfogey wrote:Isn't the term 'common sense' what Zeb would refer to as a oxymoron?

Some years ago I was In an emergency planning meeting with a group of police officers up to the rank of Insepctor. They stated that, and I quote, "Police intelligence does not support that current risk".

In a blink of an eye I said "Police Intelligence - is that an oxymoron?".

Fortunatley I knew the Inspector quite well and he only laughed - thank goodness.

Sorry OT.

Common sense requires thinking outside of the box. Unfortunately society seems to have to use a tick box system now, if it ain't there it must be wrong!!!


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