A Close Call perhaps? by carlpenn

I just wanted to post this because, if I had not been cautious I would have been a victim myself.

I have been looking at a "beauty" of a Car, or so would have seemed.

As advertised:

2Ltr Diesel, CDT Conny SE. 51 Plate, 168k. Fully specced.

Now 168k may seem a lot, but not on a Diesel and at £1250 not too bad priced.

Piccies looked great, Car looked fab.

Now for the Dark secret.........

In 2007 Car had done 180k according to a Vehicle check

I queried the Trader this afternoon about the Car, asked for teh V5 Reference number so I could check the MOT HIstory, within 3 Hours, the Car was removed from Ebay and Autotrader. At the time of teh Call, teh Trader said Car was in Garage getting some "MOT" Work done and V5 was in the Car He seemed very edgy at my request.......

Admission of Guilt?

So, my point is, be careful. Clocking is not illegal apparently. But illegal to sell a Clocked Car without notifying it has been clocked

Kind of a stupid law if you ask me as how do you prove a Trader knew? This guy knew though as he advertised the Car with a full service history........

Fitted Electric Memory Seat, Leather Cubby Lid, Wood Dash, Message Centre.

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