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I have read the post on THERMOSTAT REPLACEMENT for the rover 75 diesel and I would like to know how well does this mod work as my 75 diesel takes ages to warm up,just on tick over an hour reving at 2000 rpm half hour please advise
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I have the in line Meziere housing plus 90 degree stat and my car warms up fine, reaching approx 100 before reducing to about 87 and then toggling between the 2
Prior to that i wasn't getting over 75 and that was causing FBH (Fuel burning heater.) issues as it wasn't turning off because the coolant wasn't getting hot enough
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I fitted the in-line stat 4 weeks ago, temp gauge climbs up to half way nice and quick and i am getting a few more miles to the gallon. Wish i did it sooner.
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which in-line stat did you use tootall

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david2000 have a look at this thread thermostat-replacement-t2877.html it should answer any questions you have.
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