Splash Screen Upgrade and more by Ragman

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OK here’s one for all you Sat Nav experts out there.

I have been running a Mk4 DVD drive for some time, but despite numerous attempts have not been able to install a new splash screen. The DVD drive is running the latest sw version (as far as I am able to ascertain). The new splash screen is being loaded from a disc with the ‘fix’ to trick the drive into believing it is a new sw version.

Also I’ve had the Hans clock module installed and have time and date displayed no problem but to date we’ve not been able to get ETA activated – Navcoder eventually talked to the drive and claimed it was enabled but nothing displayed on the screen.

Any suggestions very gratefully received

Many thanks

Posted 13 Apr 2011, 20:45 #1 

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On the splash screen have you tried downgrading to a previous version and then doing the upgrade.
I haven't had any issue when doing it this way.
Can't help with the ETA other than do you have the other full computer displays such as range and trip distance.
If not a T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) session might fix

Posted 13 Apr 2011, 22:27 #2 

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Thanks - range etc are disabled on the V8 - scary info

No not tried the downgrade and upgrade option, will try this route next

Thanks again


Posted 13 Apr 2011, 22:43 #3