Nokia hands free kit and VDO head unit... by RichardGarner

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When I bought my zt-t last summer I noticed that the Nokia CK-7W hands free was both annoying and didn't work very well and the vdo head unit lacked oomph. So a few weeks ago I took out the head unit and disconnected the hands free and plugged in a head unit of mine which i know works and gives a good amount of sound quality.

Trouble is the head unit worked but the changer was getting no power (wouldn't eject the cartridge) and the steering wheel controls didn't work... :hissyfit: So, vdo unit back in and still no power to the changer, but with both the hands free and vdo unit re-united the changer got power. But the radio code i got with the car's paper work, isn't for the head unit that came with the car... It's a 2005 car so the vdo unit matches the cars age, just wondering if anybody else has had any issues similar to this...

I think it could be a wiring issue :scared:


Posted 12 Jan 2011, 16:46 #1