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stevemac wrote:
Tourerfogey wrote:If the traffic cop I spoke to a while back is anything to go by then the official police line is that there is no such thing as a dangerous road, only dangerous drivers . . . .

Not strictly true. There are some roads that because of the design or build are dangerous. I remember slipping off my motorbike on a wet road in Bicester, right in front of a Policeman (so I was definitely riding carefully :) ) He told me that they had complained to the council on numerous occasions to change the surface. Of course, from then on I was extra careful on that stretch but sometimes even the best of drivers can't read unusual road conditions.

youve just contradicted youself ;)
what youve said is the road is unsafe, but when you slow down a bit more or be extra careful, its safe.
i have to agree with the general police view. a road is not dangerous if you drive / ride it to the conditions. dangers tend to occur when there it another vehicle involved, like they go far too fast, arent curtious or take up some of your side of the road etc etc which causes you to have to slow dowm / stop / take evasive action or as you say, you misread the conditions.

i totaly agree with simon, everyone (well most people) needs more education. there are ways of getting it such as the institute of advanced motorists (thats not advertising in any way btw) but many arent prepared to pay for it, and most have never heared of it. so without making new drivers drive at a higher level, or making more people take further education, the standard of driving in britain isnt going to improve.
all youve got to do is look at the swedish test, its so much more involver, and is probably whi its always a swedish person who wins the rally...
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