Hi-Line Replacement by kandyman

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Afternoon all,

I have the Hi-Line system fitted to my car and i have been thinking about swapping it out for a more updated all singing and dancing double din unit.

What i'm wonder is how thais would work ?

Could i just install a new head unit and it'll work :-? , i'm wondering about the speaker connections as everything is run from the equipment in the boot.

any advice ?


Posted 21 Jun 2013, 17:17 #1 

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Hi Andy,

Has your lovely motor got HK? As that makes quite a difference as I understand it.

If not, you may just get away with disconnecting the high-line loom and putting in a steering wheel control adaptor. The only thing I'm not sure on is what you'd do about aerials.

If you've HK then you'd need a loom to incorporate the amplifier.

I'd imagine Duncan should see this shortly and give a definitive answer!


Posted 21 Jun 2013, 22:59 #2 

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Morning jake,
I don't have the HK system.

Thanks for your reply it confirms the information that I have found posted by Greeners. (See below)

On the left-hand side of the centre console at a low level, you'll find where the Hi line loom connects to the body loom, it's a 17 pin BMW style connector on early cars, or DIN on later cars,

Simply unplug this and extend it to your new head unit, you can buy suitable leads on eBay.

Then you need an aerial extension lead to extend the aerial from the boot to the front.

Posted 22 Jun 2013, 07:02 #3