For those days when the earth doesn't move..... by geesmith

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"I've never seen such a thing," highway patrol lieutenant Eiichiro Kamitani told AFP news agency. "Ferraris rarely travel in such large numbers."

I've noticed that as well

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Bermudan 75
Can you imagine the scene in an insurance brokers office, a few days before:

'Yes boss thats rightI have signed up the Ferraris owners club, very sensible drivers, none of them have ever had an accident! The premiums have earned us a nice bonus' :lol:

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The owners should be able to afford the next premiums at long as they don't get anything more exotic than a Suzuki Cappucino...assuming it's a standard shopping Cappucino and not a Hayabusa one.

Ha! mushibushi doshi wishi slick tyre! ... _embedded#!

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