Ebay / paypal: holding on to funds until feedback? by Duncan

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Does anyone know, if ebay / paypal hold on to funds until feedback is received? I have a seller telling me I have to leave feedback before they will send me a partial refund for combined postage.

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 20:43 #1 

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Don't know for sure. I'd say that's just the seller making sure they get good feedback before completing. I've had refunds in the past, without this sort of demand.

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 20:48 #2 

eBay have changed their rules again! I've got a new account for keys and bits n bobs and they are telling me they may hold funds until posted etc... Not heard of the feedback one but it could be right! So far I've had all my funds :)

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 20:58 #3 

Aurora MG
EBay as I have told them BOLDLY & on forums etc are a law unto themselves they seem to make rules to suit themselves.
I posted an item recently that did not arrive at the destination for whatever reason - I & the buyer communicated but nothing materialised & then out of the blue I got an email from EBAY telling me they had refunded the customer & were going to take the money from my Paypall account (CENSORED).
Then 2 weeks ago I sold an Xpower keyring ( I have several) I stated on the add Paypall only & checked to see it said payment awaiting Paypall echeque clearance (whatever that is) so in good faith I posted the item & then found out the payment had failed/been cancelled (CENSORED AGAIN).
Got in touch with ebay to demand they get my money back this time & they sugested I contact the Police = Utterly & Totally P****d off with them.

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I sold a caravan awning and funds were not released for 2 weeks as the buyer did not leave feedback - if he had then the funds would have been released then.

Yve has had a couple of problems recently - in one she ordered a DVD which did not arrive and from the feedback the person was suddenly getting no one else was, started a dispute and was refunded by Paypal - so hers has been positive.

But yes, they do seem to be a law unto themselves.

Duncan think the seller may be making up his own rules.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Having had a look, it seems its now Paypal policy for new sellers with less than 100 feedback, that they hold the money for 21 days, or until feedback is left.

If the seller had explained that in the first place it would have been easier. Oh and if they hadn't charged extortionate postage and refused to combine, as they were trying to use postage to save paying ebay fees. I mean for the price I got two laptop chargers wasn't too bad. I asked about combining and they said they'd see how much it cost when they posted them. The the stroy started changing every time they contacted me.....

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I'd leave feedback that mentioned the postage debacle. Two birds with one feedback.

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Duncan a quote from ebay customer support,

Sellers may not require buyers to leave specific Feedback or Detailed Seller Ratings. Sellers also may not demand that buyers withdraw existing Feedback or Detailed Seller Ratings. These prohibitions apply to all Feedback activity, whether prior to, during, or after delivery of goods or services described in the original listing.

Just search 'Help Topics under Feedback' fill out a form online and explaining the situation, you may want to open a dispute against the seller and communicate in the ebay resolution center with the seller.

Posted 20 Aug 2011, 21:23 #8