Door cradle ... mk2... by theridler

Hi... anyone who attended the march nano may have seen my door cradle in action. Although it worked quite well I did find that on the slightly uneven grassy ground the base of the cradle tended to be just a little bit too high leading to 2 problems... it was difficult to get far enough under the door to support it as well as I wanted (tended to be a bit "tippy" towards hinge end of door). When pushed under as far as it would go (60%..) it tended to rack slightly on the 2 hinge pins a bit making it difficult to lift off said pins... (corrected by easing the cradle out slightly... bit close to balance point of door but it lifted easily then could be slid back slightly ... as much as door loom would allow...).
Anyway today I put some thought into it and at next nano you should be witness to a height adjustable cradle... involves incorporating a pair of wheel jacks.... when I get a chance I'll post a couple of photos of my idea... any constructive thoughts or comments are welcome...

Posted 25 Mar 2016, 21:04 #1 

adjustable cradle b.jpg

Well... it's finished - should work well...
Roll on next nano in May...

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Posted 28 Mar 2016, 18:40 #2 

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Hi John.
That should do the trick perfect, we need to allocate the jack winding to someone :lol: one of those guys who walk about with their hands in their pockets, very ingenious :thumbsup:

Posted 29 Mar 2016, 05:18 #3 

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Yes well done John worked well at the last Nano and given the amount of times doors get taken off it is a great addition to the toolkit !
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Posted 29 Mar 2016, 08:21 #4 

OK ... so now I'm after another guinea pig to trial my updated door cradle at the next nano meet... anyone interested? Date is 14 & 15 May....

Posted 03 Apr 2016, 20:20 #5 

John, As am in need of fitting a set of powefolds I don't mind being the Guinea Pig.

By the way the MK2 looks the business ☺

Posted 25 Apr 2016, 06:47 #6 

No Probs... will catch up @ nano...

Hmm ... I wonder if I could use a seat forward/back motor to drive the jacks??? (just joking :)!)

Posted 28 Apr 2016, 09:24 #7 

One thing I am thinking of adding though is a small end stop at front of cradle to accurately locate door at the front lower edge, so that could be used as a reference for quick alignment for refitting door...

Posted 28 Apr 2016, 09:31 #8