Can anyone recommend a holiday cottage? by Dave

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Looking for somewhere for a week's break, end of June/early July

Tend to find the options are limited as we need somewhere that will accept two dogs...

We're looking for a fair sized cottage (we like our space, even though there's just the two of us!) with a small garden for the Doods to do their doggy business. Ideally coastal, although this isn't paramount

Areas we like are Devon, Wales, Scotland, The Lakes, North Yorks Moors

Gill is trawling websites right now, but there always seems to be a catch right at the end of the listings, usually that they only take one dog!

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated!

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Won't repeat post from other site but will speak to the parentals later they've just come back from mid wales costal cottage that accepted their dog (not sure about more than 1) - close enough match????

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Ragman wrote:Won't repeat post from other site but will speak to the parentals later they've just come back from mid wales costal cottage that accepted their dog (not sure about more than 1) - close enough match????

Cheers for taking the time to post to both!

Bit worried now that the planned much needed break may be a casualty of a bad break with the car brakes (see what I did there) as well as other annoying sudden expenses (and not so sudden ones)


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Ah - hadn't put the two posts together :4:

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As promised, these are the contacts for the cottage parents used in Wales. They
started with the agency site but did the arrangements with the owner. Both
site leave questions unanswered but nothing is perfect!

Agency website:

Owner's website:

They thought it was great, perfect for dogs, own self contained garden

Hope you got the brakes sorted

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Well, Gill found us a place and as usual, it was great!

Here's the "Cottage" (In quotes as it was actually more of a house! Four bedrooms, three toilets, two bathrooms, two lounges, all for two of us and the Doods! We do like a lot of room though!)

Anyway, the area (very near Symonds Yat and right on the edge of the Forest of Dean) was great. Lots of fantastic dog walks in the woods, a couple of which were well over 4 miles long - quite hard work when it's as hot as it's been and there's some very steep sections. Doods had a great time, managed to find any bit of stinky mud that was going and and are now home thoroughly knackered! Even saw a couple of buzzards in the woods on the last walk, which is always a good thing!

Only downsides were the mice that had a party on the back door step every night (didn't really worry us, but left a prodigious amount of poop and even managed to extend their party, and poop, onto my car!) and the disappointing Chinese Takeaway that we got from Monmouth last night. This was so poor that we left two thirds of it, but on the positive side, we're going to make it up to ourselves by having another from our local tonight!

Anyway, good to be back. Have I missed much?!

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Dave wrote:Anyway, good to be back. Have I missed much?!

Nah...nuffink ever happens around here.... ;)

Glad you had a good time Dave.... :D

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Two lounges, one with a piano, both with TV. Big rear garden, six bedrooms, plenty of parking space, how much room do ya want! It's in North Somerset. Worzel land. :)

Oh the beach at Watchet is about 10 mins walk if you go in the car. :) I spent most of my time up on Exmoor. The steepest longest A road hill in England is only about 15 miles away. I went up it in a 2ltr Honda accord auto, easy peasy. :D

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That looks good at a good price!

And a piano!!

Will bookmark it for next time!!!

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The piano needed tuning when I was there but that gave it a lovely honky tonk sound. :D

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Slight update, to be fair on the place we stayed: Told the owner about the mouse problem. He's emailed Gill to say he's investigated and found out that it's not mice but bats!!

Wish I'd known while we were there. I love bats! I would have snuck round at dusk just to sit and watch them! Explains how the poo ended up on the top and side of my car too!!!!

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