Brake pedal goes hard by al_dente

Hello folks

I have a problem with my brakes which only happens occasionally when the car (CDT) is ticking over - like when I'm stopped at a junction or I've just started the engine...

The brake pedal goes very hard, with little movement and you have to press quite hard to get the brakes to work at all. Tickling the throttle makes it work OK. The brakes are fine once on the move. The problem only happens when the engine is idling. Basically, it's as though there is no servo assistance at low revs.

Is it a leaking vacuum pipe do you think? If so, is there a 'how to' anywhere which describes how to fix it.



Posted 15 Oct 2010, 19:09 #1 

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Does it do it after you've pressed the brakes a few times?

Could be pipes, or the vac pump, or the servo.

Posted 15 Oct 2010, 19:35 #2 

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Just had a quick look and the only guide we've got refers to bleeding the clutch or brake system using a handy home-made tool. Nothing about serving the servos or pumps unfortunately. Hopefully someone will come along with some tips and information to assist further.

Posted 15 Oct 2010, 20:19 #3