BM54 Adapter Lead by MN190

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Anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the BMW adapter lead for the round pin to flat pin adapter ... 0586977104

Original BMW part number is 61 12 6 913 957

You still need the other adapter leads and other than these and adding a cable into the phone mute slots it works straight away

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What other leads would you need ?

I have fitted the bm24 and would fit the bm54 if I could find one cheap enough .

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The other two leads are: 10 to 12 pin adaptor antenna adaptor

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This may be a better option and looks like you then just need the ariel adapter

Link removed wrong item

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Isn't that one the wrong way round? Looks like it's meant to allow fitting of a round pin 24 unit to a car with flat pin wiring. I'd double check as it looks wrong to me.
Edit: I was referring to the post directly above this one.

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Quite right Duncan, one shown is from a BM54 to BM24 you need the BM24 to BM54 adaptor.

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Apologies seller was selling both and I clicked on the wrong one

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